Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Leaf Fifty-three: Starting from the beginning

Three years later and I am back to where it all started - the best New Year's resolution I ever had. Fifty-two leaves ended because I did not know what the next chapter was going to be. I thought I would just keep blogging and talking about the things that were inspiring me. But without the accountability piece, the writing dwindled off and I moved on with my life. Many incredible things have happened since then, all of which I contribute to the year I spent getting out of my comfort zone, taking risks, and committing to be a better version of myself. All of which lead me back here. A few years ago, fifty-two leaves became a mentality for me - each week I sought out with an attitude to try something new - and it worked. 

Why do we ever stop doing something that works? 

I stopped because that was what made sense to me at the time. The year was over, I completed my goal, it was time to move on. The end. That's how my brain works. Check something off the list and move on to the next. It's really all kind of ironic.  Fifty-two leaves was created to "get out of" the order of things and then it ended for similar reasons as to why it started, because that was what was "supposed to happened". I reverted back to the certainty that makes me feel safe and all to often gets in the way of being the best version of myself. 

Today, I'm bringing what worked back. Back to putting myself out there and blogging about it. 

As the New Year came around it got me thinking about my goals, what I've accomplished, and where I want to go next. It brought me here. To the space that taught me so much about myself. I've decided that fifty-two leaves doesn't need to end - it can exist for as long as I can write - because growth is never ending. Spending a year getting out of my comfort zone created opportunities, new relationships, and incredible spiritual freedom. I've realized that I want to consciously live my life like that forever. 

So here's to my latest leaf. Starting from the beginning and continuing to do what works. 

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